Go Green! Guide to Environmentally-Friendly Options

Times Have Changed

We eat kale.
We recycle.
We buy secondhand.

You care about the Environment.
You care about Your Children.
You care about the Future For Your Children.

So why can’t Your Farewell show that You Care Too?!

Nowadays, It Can.

You Can Go Green.

Wish to Be Buried? 

Get a Green Casket:

  • Wicker, Bamboo, A Simple Shroud, Biodegradable Cardboard

Choose a Green Nature Preserve:

  • 70 certified Green Burial Cemeteries & Woodland Memorials in the United States

Plan to Be Cremated?

There’s a New Green Alternative Available:

  • Water Cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis)
    • Uses Water instead of Fire
    • Better for the Environment
    • Has been used in medical facilities as the choice body disposal method for decades

Visit Farewell Project and view all the New Options available to You!

The world has changed. Make your farewell a gift and not a burden.

Create Your Simple Plan

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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