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Cremation Replacements Coming Soon!

Alkaline Hydrolysis (Water Cremation)

  • Also called Aquamation, Resomation or Bio Cremation.
    • Uses water instead of fire.
  • Water heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, lye added, body breaks down and returns to its water state, bones are left to be ground into a fine powder: cremains.
    • Uses 285 gallons of water.
    • For context: the average person utilizes 150 gallons of water each day.
  • Has been used in medical facilities as the choice body disposal method for decades.
  • Currently legal in 20 states.


  • Freeze drying with liquid nitrogen that turns the body into ashes.
  • Swedish company working to bring the promession process to the masses.

Capsula Mundi

  • Full body & cremains pods.
  • Italian company growing trees from human remains to create forests.


  • Washington in 2019 became the first state to legalize human composting
  • In Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, Recompose is building the first human composting & memorial center in the United States slated to open in 2021.

Create Your Simple Plan

Water & Sky Options
Ocean “Reef Ball”

Ashes built into memorial coral reefs

Memorial Fireworks Display

Ashes explode in the nighttime sky.

Shot into Space

Ashes rocketed to the cosmos.

Memorial Jewelry

From a small amount of ashes or hair they turn it into beautiful Diamond Jewelry.

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