Lifestory Interview – Save Memories & Stories!

Hey Gen-Z!
Millennials, I’m Looking At You!
Even Gen-Xers, Listen Up!

Your Grandma/Gramps/Mom/Dad/and Great Aunt Sally Aren’t Going To Live Forever!

Save Their Best Memories & Stories Before It’s Too Late…

What is Lifestory Interview?

It is a way to capture your Loved One’s favorite memories & stories, thoughts & feelings, before it’s too late. A 70 Question recorded Google Meet video session, it is then professionally edited with titles and music into a Full Length Video & Top 5 Videos for easy sharing.

  • The story of your life. Told by you. For your family & friends to cherish. Forever.
  • You are the Star of your very own Inside The Actor’s Studio-style interview. But instead of talking about the craft of acting, we talk about the act of living. Your life. Lifestory.
  • Lifestory Interview is a 360° view of a life modeled on the famous Marcel Proust/Bernard Pivot/James Lipton questionnaires, but updated for more fun.

Learn Your Grandma’s Secret Marinara Sauce Recipe…
Let Grandpa Enlighten Unknown Family History…
Have Mom Walk You Thru Her Wedding Day…
Get Dad To Finally Tell That Night In Jail Tale…

Remember: If You Don’t Ask The Question…You Won’t Get An Answer!
You Want To Save Those Memories & Stories. Forever.

I Want To Interview Your Grandpa
& Your Mom
& You Too!

Please reach out with any questions or ideas. I welcome the opportunity to serve you with a product that provides long lasting value.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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