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What is the average cost of a funeral/memorial in America?


How do I plan a funeral/memorial?

First, you need to know what you or your loved one wants for their farewell. Traditionally, you would then contact your local funeral home. But times are changing. If you plan to cremate or donate, then you may not even need to use a funeral home at all. We can help guide you with new information.

Do I have to use a funeral home?

No, and Yes. In 41 states you do not have to use a funeral home: you can do a direct cremation or something else if you want. In the 9 states a funeral director is required you only have to pay their Basic Services Fee and nothing else. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Should I buy a pre-pay package from a funeral home?

No. You should open a savings account that you own and manage, not someone else. Bad things happen when paying ahead. Companies merge, times change, your “pre-pay package” poof: disappears.

What is End-of-Life planning?

Providing you with tools to ensure your health, finances, and legal affairs are in order before your eventual departure.

What is Post-Life planning?

Saving your most important memories & stories, preserving your lifestory, and ensuring your favorite things find your chosen loved ones. It is keeping your legacy alive through active remembering. It is what the Farewell Project is all about.

Why do I need to capture what I want done with my body and for my memorial?

So you are not a burden on your family & friends and they can celebrate you in a way you would have wanted.

What do I need to know about funerals/memorials that I don’t know?

That you can have what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And that although one day (the funeral/memorial) is important, the memories & stories from your lifestory are far more vital to preserve for posterity.

Why is planning for the end so scary & confusing?

Because living is hard enough, and most of us don’t want to confront our own mortality until we’re near the end. And funeral homes aid in the confusion by making the process hidden, expensive, and only focused on one day, not the legacy of memories.

I’m young. Why do I need to plan?

Because stuff happens. Think of your eventual end as a lifelong project. You can start now and make updates once a year. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult.

I’m old. How can I make sure I’m not a burden on my family & friends?

First, by making sure they know what you want (create your Simple Plan). Second, by setting aside funds for your farewell that they can easily access.

What’s unique about the Farewell Project approach?

We guide you so you are well educated and can focus on saving your legacy. Preserve memories & stories, not bodies & caskets. We are The End, Simplified.

Can I get a Will?

Yes, coming soon.

Is it really free?

Yes. The simple plan account will always be free. A premium version with additional offerings will be available soon. And some future services will be one time purchase products.