Go Green

Biodegradable Caskets – Nature Preserves – Body Donation

Green (Natural/Eco-Friendly) Burial

  • No Embalming
  • No Expensive Casket
  • No Concrete Vault
  • No Cemetery

A Clean Footprint Left Behind

A Clean Footprint Left Behind

Cremation is far greener than a conventional “Embalming-Metal Casket-Concrete Vault” Package. And far less expensive also.

  • The challenge with Cremation is the amount of heat it generates per body.
  • 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 3 hours:
  • 1 Cremation uses the equivalent energy of driving your car 500 miles.
New Alternatives will Soon Be Available that produce a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cremation.

Learn about New Cremation Alternatives HERE

Become A Tree

Bios Urn
The Living Urn
Capsula Mundi
Let Your Love Grow

Mushroom Burial Suit

  • Created by M.I.T. research fellow Jae Rhim Lee.
  • Actor Luke Perry was buried in the Infinity Burial Suit – a handcrafted biodegradable organic cotton jumpsuit embedded with mushroom spores and other microorganisms that detoxify, decompose, and transfer nutrients to plant life.
  • A new Infinity Burial Shroud is also now available.

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