A New Way To Say Goodbye

Share your final wishes so family & friends know what you want. It’s fast. It’s free. It’s easy, for both you & your loved ones.

What is a Simple Plan?

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    It’s a quick way to choose what you want done with your body and for your funeral/memorial.
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    Save it & Share it so family & friends know.
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    Do it now. It takes less than a minute.


Have It Your Way

  • There are options for every wish.
  • Whether you want a traditional religious ceremony…
  • Or a big Celebration of Life party on a yacht…
  • Or to donate your body to science…
  • All are easily done

Learn Something New

  • Did you know you can become a tree?
  • Or that in 41 states you don’t even have to use a funeral home.
  • Or that Green Eco-friendly options are readily available?

No Confusion

  • No riffling through desk drawers.
  • No searching computer folders.
  • No worrying and guessing about what you wanted.
  • Create your simple plan and remove the burden from your family.