New Options! Become a Tree

Remember in kindergarten when you played Tree #3 in that epic production of The Giving Tree directed by Mrs. Donahue? You’ve wanted to be a tree from early on. Well, now’s your chance to be one for a long time.

You can become a Tree.
Not metaphorically. Not conceptually.
No, I mean a real live oxygen-giving Tree.

Visit Farewell Project and see the New Options available to you.
Bios Urn, Living Urn, Let Your Love Grow – will all take your cremains and turn you into a Tree.
If you don’t want cremation, Capsula Mundi will even place your entire body in a pod!
Post-Life Planning is changing and whatever it is that you want…

  • Organ Donation & a completely Environmentally Friendly Burial – Done!
  • My Ashes to become part of a Coral Reef – You Got It!
  • Traditional Embalming, Viewing & Church Service – Of Course!

You can have it.
Whatever you want.
Become your own Giving Tree.
It’s certainly way more fun for your family & friends to visit than a traditional headstone in a cemetery.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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