The Memory Picture. The What?

The whole reason for embalming a body is to create the…Memory Picture.

The What?

When someone at an open casket viewing says, “She looks great,” they’re talking about the “Memory Picture.”

Body placed in an open casket, the “Memory Picture” is the facial and hand pose that the funeral home creates to supposedly help mourners accept that their loved one is not living anymore.

Is viewing the body of any value?

Depends who you ask. Funeral Directors say Yes. Scientists & Grief Counsellors say No.

Closure is not possible, nor desirable.

Creating the “Memory picture” brings together the 2 Main Moneymakers of the Funeral Home:

  1. Embalming
  2. Casket Purchase

These two products are what funeral directors desperately hold on to in order to make money.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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