Post-Life Profiles: Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble

The Singing Nun. The Flying Nun. The Dying Nun?

Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble wants you to remember you’re going to die.
She’s not pushy about it.
She doesn’t alarm you.
But she hopes to give you a gentle nudge towards always keeping your mortality present.
She’s become a social media star (#MediaNun) by reviving an old practice: Memento Mori (Latin for: “Remember your death”).
In 2017 she received a ceramic skull as a gift from one of her sisters and she began meditating on it every day, and Tweeting (@pursuedbytruth). Soon Catholics and non-Catholics alike flocked to her daily meditations which she kept up for more than 500 days in a row.

Visit her website Pursued By Truth and you’ll find rosaries & bracelets, prayers books & journals, t-shirts & hoodies, and vinyl decals (“make great Christmas gifts!”). Obviously all proceeds go towards Sister Theresa Aletheia’s order, the Daughters of St. Paul, outside Boston, MA.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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