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New Products – Celebrate Life – Preserve Memories

New Products – Celebrate Life – Preserve Memories




Simple Plan


  • To handle the basics: what you want done with your body and for your memorial/funeral.




    • Educate yourself so you don’t get taken advantage of and can feel empowered when making important end-of-life decisions and plans.

We teach you what you don’t know:

  • Funeral Industry
  • Embalming, Cremation, New Alternatives
  • New Ideas: Memory Book, End-of-Life Board Game, Donate Life!


Coming Soon!


  • New Offerings & Services designed to make memories, save stories, celebrate life, and provide long lasting value.





“That’s the way it’s always been done.”


Never a good answer.

Growing up, one of my best friend’s family owned & operated the local funeral home. I co-wrote a big Broadway musical comedy called “The Happy Embalmer” which didn’t quite make it to the Great White Way. And after a friend passed and nobody knew what he wanted for his Farewell, I spent two years researching & reading every funeral, death care, and end-of-life book I could find, searching for a better way.

I created the Farewell Project (FP) because the funeral industry offers products designed to be used once (at very high prices) and doesn’t produce memory value that lasts beyond.

We believe you should Learn so you feel empowered; Plan so what you want is clear and there are no surprises; and Products should be memory makers that provide long lasting value.

Preserve Memories & Stories, Not Bodies & Caskets.

Let’s change how we say goodbye.

We’re a better way to remember.

Mark Noonan, Founder

P.S. – So get out there and live your life, we got your death.





It’s lacking in the end-of-life industry: hidden costs and pre-paying years ahead for services. We are different: upfront pricing, accounts you own, and products designed to preserve memories. We educate you so that planning is informed and what you want. Let’s open up the doors and windows to transparency together.

A Better Way

We are founded on the idea that there must be a superior way to aid people during goodbye. Marrying new technology with old face-to-face values is how we strive to improve the process of farewell.

Simple & Easy

Our services are built on ease of use and ability for all generations to execute. Costs are straightforward, upfront, and highly visible.

Celebrate Life

Whether it’s your own or the remembered, try to focus on the positive. We all must peace out at some point: plan properly for a successful exit. Leave everyone in a good place.

Preserve Memories, Not Bodies

Our products & services capture stories, preserve memories, and encourage gifting to loved ones. Funeral Industry focuses on preserving the body. We focus on saving your story.

Remember Me

Everyone’s story deserves to be told and to be remembered. Our products are built toward the ultimate loving act of active remembering.






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