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Farewell Project Beginner’s Guide to Goodbye


You’re Not Alone

  • Nobody knows anything about any of this stuff. That’s the
    way the funeral industry has kept it for the past 75 years:
    deliberately keeping you in the dark.
  • So don’t feel bad. Don’t think you’re stupid. You don’t know
    what you don’t know.
  • But we can help teach you what you need to know and
    empower you to take control of your own life, and death.


Funeral Industry Isn’t Changing, But People Are

  • 2019: Cremation Rate 53% (In 1995: 21%, 1961: 4%). Means less bodies.
  • Baby Boomers find the body to be a downer: they want Celebrations of Life.
  • Rise in Green burial (natural, eco-friendly options).
    • Simple shroud
    • Biodegradable caskets: wicker, pine, bamboo, cypress, eucalyptus, cardboard
    • Nature preserves


Don’t Pre-Pay. Do Pre-Talk. Do Pre-Plan

  • Paying a funeral home or cemetery ahead of time for a Pre-Need package is a Scam.
  • Simple Plan – choose what you want done with your
    body & for your memorial.
  • A Will– because 71% of people don’t have a will.
  • Savings Account – an account that you own, not a funeral home or holding company.


Have It Your Way

  • You can have the funeral/memorial you want.
    • Be it a traditional religious ceremony or a big party at
      a rodeo.
  • Whatever you want, you can have. Don’t let anyone tell
    you otherwise. Nowadays there are options for every wish.


Preserve Memories & Stories, Not Bodies & Caskets

  • If you want to have a traditional embalming, open casket viewing, and then pay eight grand for a casket that you will bury in the ground never to see again, then by all means go for it. After all, our #4 Advice is: Have it your way.
  • But consider products & services that Make Memories, Save Stories, and begin the process of Active Remembering.
    • Our New Offerings & Services designed to deliver long lasting value.

What is Active Remembering?

It’s keeping the flame of your loved one alive by proactively working to
remember them.

Post Photos – Tell Stories – Share Memories