How To Have “The Talk”

Not the birds and the bees. That’s on our sister site, the Puberty Project.

There are two areas, both unavoidable, which nobody likes to talk about: Death & Taxes.

Taxes are mundane, annoying, and only about one in every hundred thousand people understand the tax codes. When you find one, hold on to that tax unicorn for dear life because you’ve won the lottery. It’s like finding an honest mechanic, you would die before giving that person up. Which brings us to…


We need to know what you want. Have you thought about this? Have you planned anything? Are you immortal? (if so, enjoy the year 2320 and your life on Mars).

Listen up, Gen Xers and everybody below you: you need to ask your grandparents and/or parents what they want.

Cremation or Burial? Massive funeral or quiet family gathering? Nature preserve, cemetery, or outer space? Because these are all options on the table. You need to sit down and ask them these questions.

Need a Guide? We’ve created one: it’s called the Simple Plan– 10 quick questions you can fill out with your Grandma or Pops that will capture their answers, save them, and email a copy to you. Done. You’re welcome.

Talking goodbye is hard. The only thing harder is guessing what someone might’ve wanted.

Eliminate the burden. Remove chance from the equation. Go to Farewell Project and Create Your Simple Plan.

Then do your taxes! April 15 is fast approaching.

And call your mother. And take a sweater.

We’re full of good advice.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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