Good Riddance, 2020! Hello, Beautiful 2021!

Shit Happens. 

Be Prepared.

If 2020 proved nothing else it proved that Bad Things happen all the time.
Bad Things happen to Good People all the time.
If you’re Not Ready for Bad Things to happen, you’ll be Surprised.
And when you’re Surprised it’s hard to act in a smart rational manner.

You need a Simple Plan that Prepares You.
So that even when Bad Things Do Happen, You’re Ready.

What’s a Simple Plan?

A Simple Plan is about Unburdening Your Friends & Family by Telling Them What You Want for Your Final Wishes.

So start 2021 off right: quickly complete Your Simple Plan so Friends & Family know what you want.
You can’t prepare for everything, but Your Simple Plan will prepare for the final thing, and your loved ones will be unburdened guessing what you would’ve wanted. They’ll already know.

At you can:

  • Create & Share your Simple Plan
  • Learn about the funeral industry & what to avoid
  • Discover new products & services that preserve memories & stories
  • See what other folks are planning

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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