Don’t Burden Your Kids By Having No Plan. Burden Your Kids Emotionally.

It sure would be fun to Pull a Prank on the kids on the way out.
Leave them No Clues: no records, no will, no ideas, not even the beginnings of a plan.
Let them have to figure it out all for themselves.
They’d be totally guessing:

  • Did Grandpa want a body viewing or to be cremated?
  • Would he have cared about a church service?
  • How about a party at the VFW hall?
  • Should we go crazy and spend twenty grand or keep it under five?

It will be Fun to see them Fight amongst themselves:

  • Jeannie will say I would’ve wanted a traditional mass and church gathering.
  • Bill will argue that a quick cremation and modest memorial was “more me.”
  • And Cathy will swoop in and declare it has to all be environmentally-friendly because I cared about the Earth.

I did? Did I? Who knows? Maybe I did. At this point my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m dead.
It’s hard to leave behind lists when you’re not living anymore.

Crap, I guess I should go to the damn Farewell Project and complete My Simple Plan and let them all know my Final Wishes.

As Entertaining as it would be, I don’t really want to see them all Squabbling about what to do with me.
That’ll just give me a Headache and I don’t see any Aspirin or Whiskey where I currently am.
Where am I? I’m not quite certain.
But it’s Enjoyable. Sort of like being in a really nice Public Library with Comfier Couches and nobody wakes you up from an 11am nap.
I do need to locate the bar, it’s in here somewhere.
This place is huge. There’s even a Bowling Alley. I rolled a 242 the other day. This might be heaven.
I might be dreaming all this up: probably my daily afternoon snooze in the La-Z-Boy.

Anyway…all right, kids: I’ll do My Simple Plan.
But get ready: I’ve got some Creative Ideas.
Did someone say Kazoo Khoir playing Another One Bites The Dust? Yep, that’s happening at the memorial. Good luck organizing that one, Cath. But I still love you. I love all of you. So here goes nothing…

At you can:

  • Create & Share your Simple Plan
  • Learn about the funeral industry & what to avoid
  • Discover new products & services that preserve memories & stories
  • See what other folks are planning

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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