OK Boomer, We Love You

You’re nearer The End than the Beginning. That’s just a fact.

At the Farewell Project, the way we see it, You’ve got 2 Choices:

  1. Plan nothing, spend all your money, burn all your possessions, and live your remaining years as if you were a sixteen year old without a care in the world. Or…
  2. Plan what you want done with Your Body and for Your Memorial, set aside some money so your family isn’t burdened paying for your final wishes, create a catalog of which of your favorite possessions goes to who, and live your remaining years as the wise sage you have become while still finding time to sip some fine champagne and be a general badass.

It sucks getting older. And a 24 year old told me that.
Don’t worry, I slapped him across the face. Then gave him a hug, twenty bucks, and told him to go make love to a beautiful person while he still has the stamina of a hummingbird.
Because it fades. It all fades. All of it.
But we can ensure that our Legacy is strong.
First things first: Let your Friends & Family know What You Want.

And it’s actually quite simple, it’s called a Simple Plan:

  1. What do you want done with Your Body & for Your Memorial?
  2. Email it to a friend or family member so they know. 

That’s it.
We make it super easy.
We’re here to Guide You.

Let’s Get Started Now.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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