Gen X (Middle Age Sucks)

Wow, that happened fast.
I feel like it was ten minutes ago that I was eating a burrito hungover while drinking a beer.
Now I’ve got a wife, real job, a mortgage, two cars, three kids, a dog, and bills. So many damn bills.
Ferris was right, life moves pretty fast, you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
I’m in decent shape getting these kids fed, clothed, and fully educated. But shit happens.
I could get taken out by an Uber or fall down an open manhole cover as I check a text from the wife.
And what about My Story? I spend so much time worrying about everyone else’s stuff: health, clothes, food, education, future, goals…
What about Me? I’ve got a Story too!

Dude, relax.

You can capture it here: at the Farewell Project.

Soon our Lifestory Interview will record all your fondest memories:

  • That time in college you commandeered a cafeteria tray and started an all-school impromptu sledfest down Fenwick hill.
  • The “Bust a Move” dance party during your wedding and the subsequent ankle sprain you didn’t realize ’til attempting to golf the next morning.
  • That terrible summer job you had selling magazines door-to-door and the old geezer who almost took your head off with a frying pan.

For now, please get started and create your Simple Plan and save what you want done with Your Body & for Your Memorial (because, like most people, you’ve probably never told anyone). But it’s important. You don’t want to be a burden and leave behind a mess.

Take 2 Minutes and complete your Simple Plan.

Coming soon, we can help you get the other boring items you need if you don’t have them already:

  • A Will.
  • Savings Account.
  • What to do with All Your Stuff.

But remain calm. You’ve still got a long way to go. At least another twenty years (we’re kidding). Forty. Maybe fifty or sixty! Modern medical science is amazing.
The journey is long but it goes by fast.
We’re here to take one less difficult thing off your plate.
And to tell Your Story The Way You Want.

Your goodbye isn’t going to be for a long time, but your love can start now.

Join the Farewell Project. The End Simplified.

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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