Here’s a Lifelong Project For You Millennials (You’re Welcome)

Yeah, we know. You’re going to Live Forever.
You’re Indestructible.
You can burn the candle at both ends.
You don’t get hangovers.
You can eat whatever you want.
You may even still smoke (don’t worry, you’ll quit soon).
You run marathons for fun. (who does that?! sounds exhausting)
You’re just now starting to make some money.
Real money.
The kind where a Portfolio is involved.
A 401k. Life Insurance. Taxes.
So boring.

Our Project is way more fun.

It will take your entire life to complete.
There’s no pressure. You can come back to it whenever you want.
It will still be here.
It’s called the Farewell Project, and it’s about Your Legacy.
Telling your Family & Friends how much you love them.
Saving your favorite Memories & Stories.
And eventually, capturing Your Lifestory in a full-on interview.
I know, right, it sounds like an Enjoyable Experience.
Soon we’ll also have other mundane stuff you’ll need:

  • A Will.
  • Savings Account.
  • What to do with All Your Stuff.

So Join Us, we’ve got a full journey ahead. It’s Your Entire Life!
You took Phys Ed, Sex Ed & Driver’s Ed.
We’re your Ed for The End.
End Ed.
Farewell can be fun, so let’s Begin Your Project Now.
And we’ll Guide You

  • The Yoda to Your Luke
  • Dumbledore to Harry
  • Mr. Miyagi to Daniel-san
  • Mushu to Mulan
  • Mickey to Rocky
  • Haymitch to Katniss…

Your Project has already begun.
Allow us to help you tell Your Story Your Way.

Create Your Simple Plan

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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