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Like picking off a menu, you Choose What You Want and we keep that information safe for you and allow you to email it to family & friends you trust. 


PART 1: what to do with your BODY.
PART 2: what to do about your FUNERAL/MEMORIAL.

Takes less than 2 Minutes to Complete. 
Save & Share the Information So Your Family & Friends Know. 

Create Your Simple Plan & Share

***Should I keep my Simple Plan Public or Private?***

It’s up to you, but we encourage you to allow others to view your choices. For too long the Funeral Industry has kept everything secret which creates confusion, allows people to get taken advantage of, and quite honestly oftentimes doesn’t get you or your loved one the farewell you wanted. No one knowing what anyone else is thinking is a recipe for disaster.

By keeping Your Simple Plan Public you are doing a service to the community and helping others decide how they would like to plan for their eventual goodbye. Plus, aren’t you curious what others are planning? It’s natural to want to see what your loved ones are thinking.

“I had no idea Grandma wants to become a tree.” 

“Cousin Pete would prefer cremation and a small service, I always figured he’d want a huge party.”

“Wow. My sister really has it all planned out down to the tiniest detail. That fits her personality and is super helpful.” 

Please join us in changing the conversation around farewell. It doesn’t have to be scary or sad. And you may find that it will open up the lines of communication to other areas of your life. Let’s remove the burden around goodbye and keep it simple. 

Create Your Simple Plan & Share

And check out My Simple Plan HERE. If you’re curious…

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project
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