Audio or Video – Capture Your Loving Thoughts – Save for Loved Ones

Audio / Video Letters

Have a few free minutes?
Tell your family & friends how much they mean to you.
Take a quick selfie video. Create an audio letter.
  • Let them know now before it’s too late.
  • Upload the audio recordings & videos to your Farewell Project Profile.
  • We’ll save your Digital Letters for you.
  • Record using your smartphone, in front of your computer, any place the feeling moves you.
When the moment strikes: just do it. Record your Digital Letter.
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Guidance to Start:

  • Shorter is better.
  • Is there something you want this person to know that they don’t know?
  • Be positive.
  • Treat the letter as a gift to that person.
  • Funny stories or personal remembrances encouraged.
  • What are your favorite things about this person?
  • What have they meant to you?
  • Leave them feeling good.
  • Remember: it doesn’t have to be daunting & dramatic: if you’re out for a jog and thinking about someone who means a lot to you or a time they made you laugh, record a quick Digital Letter.
Cost: Included with Premium Subscription = $10/year

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