Jewelry – Photographs – Furniture

“What are we gonna do with all this stuff?”

– Any Baby Boomer
When it comes to Family Heirlooms, a lifetime of accumulation leaves a mountain of mess to sort out:
  • Which kid gets the grand piano?
  • How about these old letters from grandpa?
  • What about my jewelry?
  • Artwork?
  • Cars?
  • This porcelain fine china set?
  • Great Aunt Grace’s quilt?
  • This rolltop desk?
  • Timepieces: the grandfather clock & Rolex?
  • This rocking chair?
  • The sterling silver flatware?
  • Grandma Izzy’s handwritten recipe book?
  • My diaries?
  • Uncle Bill’s military medals?
  • The boxes full of photo albums?
  • Baseball cards?
  • Wedding gown?
  • My favorite books?
  • The gun collection?
  • The 3rd generation cast iron skillet?
  • Our family bible?
  • The kitchen table? Would anyone want that?
Who should get what and why?
How do I make sure this piece finds its way to who I want to have it?
The last thing I want is the kids fighting over all these items after I’m gone.
We make it easy:
  1. Take a Picture
  2. Upload Picture
  3. Write a Name
That’s it. We store that information for you in your Farewell Project Account.

Favorite Things

Step 1

Using your Smartphone or Camera, Take a Picture of the favorite thing.

Step 2

Upload the Photograph to your Farewell Project Profile.

Step 3

Write down the Name of the person you would like to receive your favorite thing.

It’s That Easy

So casually walk around your house and knock out all the major keepsakes (artwork, jewelry, automobile, letters, photographs, piano, etc) all in one quick session.
Cost: Included with Premium Subscription = $10/year

***Final Thought: as you perform your Favorite Things cataloging it is also a great time to “let go” of some things. Consider creating 2 piles:

  • Donate to charity
  • Trash

You can’t take it with you. But you can make sure that it gets gifted to a loved one, given to charity, or kicked to the curb.

Create Your Profile & Give Your Favorite Things To Your Favorite People