This Is Your End

You don’t remember your beginning very well, but you will most likely be present & alert for your end.

Nobody teaches you about The End.

You learn to eat, walk, talk, swim, and dance badly…

We put your through Sex Ed, Phys Ed, Driver’s Ed…

You bought an SUV, got a thirty-year mortgage…

Married a lovely person, had a couple crazy kids…

Set up accounts for college savings & retirement…

But nothing for The End.

Sure, you need a Will & some Savings to pay for your departure…(and we can help you with that, it’s easy).

But you never put down what you want.

Never told anybody what you want.

In fairness to you, nobody asked.

Well, we’re asking:

  • What do you want to do with Your Body?
  • What sort of Memorial/Funeral would You like?
  • What Messages & Stories do You want to leave behind?

Welcome to the Farewell Project.

It’s Easy. It’s Free. There’s no excuse to not Get Started.

14 Questions: takes under 2 minutes to complete.

And your Friends & Family will know what You Want.

We’ve got more helpful offerings Coming Soon.

Products & Services focused on saving messages for loved ones & telling your story as only you can.

But for now, Create Your Simple Plan. It’s Free. It’s Easy. It’s The End Simplified.

Oh, and you might just find that the Project of planning for your Farewell, well, it can actually be fun.

Save Messages. Preserve Memories. Tell Your Story.

Learn more About Us.

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  • I see a few typos and you need to link to the simple plan builder when you reference it in your blog posts… it makes it easy for people to find and helps your SEO


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