Red-Carpet Treatment

You’re The Star

  • 10 Minute Movie
  • The fullest picture.
    • Our Pro Celebration Movie is “Your Big Life”
  • You send us (or grant us access to) photos, videos, voicemails, music, letters etc
    • Items can be emailed, shared over social media, or FedExed to us
  • Our Professional Video Editors work with you to create an exciting & emotional 10 minute movie
  • Can be shown at a viewing or celebration of life party
    • Can also be Emailed to loved ones
    • And posted & shared on YouTube, Facebook, or any social media
  • Format delivered: (???)
  • Delivery options:
    • Link on FP?
    • Dropbox?
    • YouTube?
    • Google Drive?
    • USB Drive?
    • DVD?
  • Fast expedited turnaround available upon request (additional fees required)

Premium takes it to the next level, but if you really want to tell the full tale then you must go pro. Our Pro Celebration Movie is part tribute, part biography, and full white glove treatment. The most time to fully tell your story: major life milestones, accomplishments, joys, quirky hobbies, and special idiosyncrasies that made you unique. More photos, more video, more opportunity for your favorite music. Share across all platforms as a valuable forever keepsake of a life well lived.

How to Prepare for Making a Pro Celebration Movie
  • Write down the major life milestones in bullet points. It does not need to be long. In fact, the shorter the better. A short email is fine. If you have already written an obituary that will work.
  • Gather any physical items: photographs, letters, etc.
  • Compile digital items: photos, videos, voicemails, emails, favorite music etc.
  • Don’t worry: we work with you to make all of this as easy and simple as possible.

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