Cemeteries, Mausoleums & Memorial Parks

  • Cemeteries: most are non-profit & tax-fee – and also a Scam
  • Mausoleums: even worse – and a bigger Scam
  • Memorial Parks: likewise – and the biggest Scam
  • Why Scams? They have Zero regulations but they do have rules. What to do:
    • Get the cemetery’s rules & regulations.
    • Understand what you’re buying.
    • Don’t believe anyone who tells you something is required or barred by law.
    • Don’t be swayed by promises of “protection.”
    • Be aware of additional charges.
    • “Perpetual care” may not be. 
    • Think twice (or three times) before buying in advance. Or simply don’t – a better idea. 

Vaults, Grave Liners or Sealers

  • For what purpose? 
    • To try to preserve your loved one? Impossible.
    • To keep the grass atop level and even so it is easier for them to mow? Yes, that’s the real reason you buy an expensive vault. 
    • In New York & Vermont (possibly more) you can refuse a vault on religious grounds. 
  • “Urn Vault” – total Scam. 

Memorials & Markers

  • It is against the law for a cemetery to refuse to accept a Monument bought from a third-party (same as with funeral homes & caskets). 
  • When shopping for a Marker:
    1. Get a copy of the cemetery’s rules & regulations so you know what type they will and won’t accept.
    2. Shop around. 3rd parties are often cheaper.
    3. Get a mock-up of the marker and lettering before you have the stone carved. Mistakes happen. 
    4. Do business in writing. With price, install deadline, and final design approved. 


  • You’re probably sick of hearing this by now but we can not emphasize enough that:
  • #1: Pre-Need is a Scam
    • If you don’t control the money, bad things can happen.
    • Better off setting up a bank account of your own. 
  • Don’t Pre-Pay. Do Pre-Talk. Do Pre-Plan.