Product Description:

The Online Obituary.

But more than just words, it should be a medley, a mixtape, a collage of your life. Something that delivers emotion and facts about your life.

To send out as an email blast, to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, newspaper sites, etc.

Combining an announcement with words, short video snippets, audio, photos, etc.

We will offer free templates to help you write the copy.

Then, if you want further help putting together a collage, much like our Celebration Movie just on a much smaller scale, we can help you. But the Lifestory (obituary) is under the tightest time constraints because people usually want to get the word out as fast as possible.

Lifestory follows our own templates we have created (obituaries have long had their own templates they adhere to). Short, simple, but full of facts and heart.


  • Free templates for writing.
  • $49 for a full collage?