The options are enormous:

Ocean “Reef Ball” – ashes become memorial coral reefs

Burial at Sea – either ashes or full body, and the surf board “paddle-out” Hawaiian tradition

Memorial Fireworks Display / Self-Fired Rockets – ashes shot into the sky

Alkaline Hydrolysis (Liquid Cremation)- like a super hot hot tub turns body to ashes

Mourning Jewelry: inspired from the Victorian Era: hair earrings, memory rings, etc

Memorial Diamonds – small amount of ashes or hair turned into a diamond

Promessa – freeze dried with liquid nitrogen

Celestis – memorial spaceflight – ashes shot into the cosmos

Summum: modern mummification

Plastination – become a part of the “Body Worlds” Exhibits

Viking “Fire Ship” – big & small

Driven to cemetery in a Harley Hearse; Buried in your Corvette

I-Can Corp – virtual gravestone, flowers, etc. 

Cryonics – freezing with liquid nitrogen (Boston RedSox legend Ted Williams’ head & body is kept frozen)

Tibetan Sky Burial – fed to Vultures

Tide Pool – fed to Dungeness Crabs

And many more…