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We Want To Tell Your Story

“What teacher or mentor meant the most to you?”

“Do you have a favorite story or adventure?” 

“Can you remember a funny story from when you were younger?”

“Anything we didn’t ask you think should be asked?”

We Want to Interview Your Grandma
& Your Dad
& You!

(separately, of course)

You want answers. We have questions.
The most important questions to ask someone about their life:
12 Core Questions, and many more (70 total).
We guide you. We conduct the 2 hour interview.

Lifestory Interview

What Is It?

  • The story of your life. Told by you. For your family & friends to cherish. Forever.
  • You are the Star of your very own Inside The Actor’s Studio-style interview. But instead of talking about the craft of acting, we talk about the act of living. Your life. Lifestory.
  • Lifestory Interview is a 360° view of a life modeled on the famous Marcel Proust/Bernard Pivot/James Lipton questionnaires, but updated for more fun.

It’s A Questionnaire, But So Much More:

  • When you leave a company they often do an Exit Interview. But when you leave the world nobody interviews you: until now. The Big Exit Interview.

Why Do I Need It?

  • To capture your favorite memories & stories, thoughts & feelings. Forever.
  • Recorded during a Google Meet session (or Live In-Person), our Lifestory Interview strives to let you be you and share with your friends & family all the parts of your life they may or may not know:

Tell that funny story from college
Enlighten unknown family history
Settle old grudges
Explain definitively why pizza is your favorite food
Share special memories

How Do I Get It?

  • Purchase Google Meet video session below.
  • Or Contact Us about live in-person options.

Sample Lifestory Questions:

  • Who were your best friends growing up? Who are your best friends now?
  • What is your most treasured possession?
  • If you could go back in time, what year or age would you go back to?
  • What’s your favorite job you ever had? Least favorite?
  • Walk me through your perfect day. How would it go?

Purchase Lifestory Interview

Cost: $949

$949.00Purchase Now

Google Meet Video Session

70 Questions

2 Hours or more (as long as it takes)

What Do I Get?

  • Full Interview with Opening Sequence & Titles for Each Question
  • Your Top 5 Favorite Questions & Answers in Separate Videos for Easy Sharing

How Do I Get It? Two Options:

  • Easy Downloads with Simple Instructions from Farewell Project’s Google Drive.
  • A Farewell Project Flashdrive mailed to you.

Live In-Person Lifestory Interview Option Available

  • On-site Professional Interview (lighting, audio & video capture)
  • Contact Us for Details & Pricing

Record Your Grandparents/Parents Stories
A Gift You Will Cherish & Remember
A Video Recording That Will Add Value For Decades

$949.00Purchase Now

We Want To Interview Your Grandpa
& Your Mom
& You Too!

Mark Noonan, Founder – Farewell Project

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