One Question a Month – You Answer – We Save It

The 1st of each month, we send you an email with a question.

You answer the question and it is stored in your Farewell Project profile.

The questions are designed to help you tell stories from your life.

All answers remain Private. You may choose to share an answer with other Farewell Project members. But that’s up to you.
You can compile the best-of-the-best or all of them or simply a few and we’ll help you send those out as an e-book to the mailing list of your choice.

Step 1

Receive Question

1st of the Month: your question arrives. You have one month to answer.

Step 2

Answer Question

You share a story from your life, or a funny remembrance, or a haiku. It’s up to you!

Step 3

We Save It

Locked safely in your private Farewell Project profile section until you choose to share it.

Create a profile.