Along with the rise in cremation (over 50%), Green Burials are exploding in popularity:

  • Rapid acceptance and utilization among Baby Boomers & younger generations.
  • And a Green Burial requires neither embalming, nor an expensive casket, thus eliminating the need for a traditional Funeral Director. 

Remember: whatever you choose to do, the Human Body is 73.8% Water so it’s not going to last long regardless.

Green Burial

  • What is it? A body unembalmed either placed in a biodegradable casket or a simple shroud and then buried in the grounds of a memorial nature park. 

A Simple Shroud

Biodegradable Caskets

  • Wicker Basket
  • Pine, Bamboo, Cardboard, Willow, Cypress, Eucalyptus

Rise in Natural Parks. Memorial Ecosystems.

  • Ramsey Creek Preserve in South Carolina – one of the first.
  • Joshua Tree now has a natural burial section. 
  • Other Preserves across the country:
    • Add list…

Other Environmentally Friendly Options

The options are enormous:

  • If cremated: Ashes scattered somewhere? Where? 
  • Organ Donation
  • 100,000 people on waiting list for hearts, livers & kidneys. 
  • Full Body Donation to science. 
  • Companies offering: Science Care, Medcure, BioGift
  • Medical Students need bodies
    • Become a Crash Test Dummy
    • Army Ballistics Unit
  • Ecopod & Acorn Urn – both made of recycled paper
  • Bios Urn, Roots Tree & Capsula Mundi (become a tree)
  • Infinity Burial Suit – MIT designed mushroom spore suit
  • Urban Death Project (now Recompose) & FOREST
    • Composting corpses