Once you Sign Up, your Account is created, and the first order of business is to take 5 minutes and do your Simple Plan.

Now is when it starts to get interesting. Your profile (and everyone else’s) is automatically set to Public so you can see what others are planning and vice versa. (If you must fly solo we will have an option for Private but it won’t be encouraged).

Therefore we will be the first Post (after life) network anywhere that allows you to See what other people are planning. Up to now no one has any idea what anyone else is planning. You can see your friend’s friends on Facebook, your colleagues’ resumes on LinkedIn, and on FP you can view other people’s Simple Plans.

You connect with others, starting with your immediate family, best friends, relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc.

Likewise, you will pick 3 People (family/friends) to be your Advocates who will be given full access to your account once something happens to you. All three will be notified prior of their advocate status with your farewell project. (Think of them as your emergency contacts who will inevitably be called into action at some point in time.)

Many of us fear farewell. And we’ll go to elaborate lengths not to even talk about it, to deny that it’s ever actually going to happen. But it is.

There are 7 main reasons why we fear dying:

  1. My death would cause grief to my relatives and friends. 
  2. All my plans & projects would come to an end.
  3. The process of dying might be painful.
  4. I could no longer have experiences.
  5. I would no longer be able to care for my dependents. 
  6. I am afraid of what might happen to me if there is a life after death.
  7. I am afraid of what might happen to my body after death.

Our hope with the Farewell Network is to begin to alleviate these fears by allowing an open discussion, the start of a fluid conversation. Just as Dr. Kinsey pulled back the curtain on our sexuality in the 1950s, it is time for a similar taboo to be removed around death. To understand what works and what doesn’t. Learning leads to Planning and then ultimately Connecting with one another.

The Farewell Network encourages sharing of ideas, plans & celebrations to allow everyone to be inspired by those around us, understand that we are not alone in our wants & fears, and discover best practices that enable all of us to benefit and make our goodbyes great and remembrances active.

To normalize the experience of mortality. Everybody’s gonna end, whether they want to or not. It is vital for us become less scared and more comfortable with death and able to view it as a natural part of life: like falling in love, having a baby, or being incredibly hungover (which in some ways is similar to death). Opening channels is the only way to properly prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

One of the biggest fears is the fear of not being remembered, of being forgotten. The Farewell Network is the platform for remembrance. It is an active hub, a repository of memories. Eventually perhaps to become a Worldwide Database where we can experience the stuff that truly matters. A real social network encircling the biggest question of them all.