Starring You

Funeral Memorial Video for the 21st Century

There’s nothing more depressing than going to a Funeral (or memorial/celebration/wake) and seeing the bulletin board with a few photographs of The Remembered pinned up.

That’s it?

We live in an age where everyone has a video camera in their pocket.

We can do so much better.

Celebration Movie takes everything from your life: photos, letters, video, audio, emails, life events, social media posts, successes and creates a backbone story of your life. This is a movie to be shown at a Funeral/Memorial/Celebration but also to be shared across all platforms: your FP account, email, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you desire across the digital world.

We partner with Professional Editors who work with you to create a touching Tribute & Biography. You send us the content (or grant us access to it) and we will work with you to discover the most important moments to spotlight:

  • Milestones
  • Spouse & children
  • Jobs & hobbies
  • Loves & laughs
  • Favorite music & food
  • What made the person special

Celebration Movie begins the Active Remembering process where people can share their own videos, photos, audio & letters across all social media platforms.

Part Tribute, Part Biography

Celebration Movie

5 Minute Movie

The Greatest Hits of Your Life

  • 5 Minute Movie
  • You send us (or grant us access to) photos, videos, voicemails, music, letters etc
    • Items can be emailed, shared over social media, or FedExed to us
  • Our Professional Video Editors work with you to create an exciting & emotional 5 minute movie
  • Can be shown at a viewing or celebration of life party
    • Can also be Emailed to loved ones
    • And posted & shared on YouTube, Facebook, or any social media
  • Celebration Movie is automatically saved to your Farewell Project Profile.
  • Further delivery options:YouTube? Dropbox? Google Drive? USB Drive? DVD?
  • Fast expedited turnaround available upon request (additional fees required)

Don’t do the sad photographs posted on a corkboard at the funeral or memorial. Our Celebration Movie shares your loved one’s story: part tribute, part biography. Life’s major milestones, the accomplishments, the joy, the quirky hobbies, and special idiosyncrasies that made you unique. Share across all platforms as a valuable forever keepsake of a life well lived.

How to Prepare for Making a Celebration Movie
  • Write down the major life milestones in bullet points. It does not need to be long. In fact, the shorter the better. A short email is fine. If you have already written an obituary that will work.
  • Gather any physical items: photographs, letters, etc.
  • Compile digital items: photos, videos, voicemails, emails, favorite music etc.
  • Don’t worry: we work with you to make all of this as easy and simple as possible.
Your family & friends want to see you.
Tell Your Story – Share Memories – Record It Forever
We’re ready to make your movie.