Forty-two states do not require use of a funeral director. As cremations increase and the fastest growing religion is “no religion,” there is an opportunity to help people plan for a celebration or memorial without using a funeral home or religious place of worship.

Much the same way that sites have popped up to allow freelances to work at restaurants, bars, cafes or galleries that are closed during the day,

we can partner with establishments to deliver Farewell Events at spaces people actually enjoy gathering (and not the funeral home). The establishment makes money, we make money, and the Farewellers have a much better experience.

The model for this already exists: wedding planning & baby planning:

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Product Description:

A chart of different tiered Farewell Events:

Large, Medium, Small

Different venue options: restaurants, galleries, bars, cafes, parks, etc

We could hire people from corporate event planning and wedding planning and simply train them on the Farewell Way.

Cost: would vary depending on size & scope of event. But basically we would negotiate for you, whatever your budget and venue preference. And then we would take a flat fee or a cut of the overall cost (from the venue’s cut). Have to work out which makes the most sense. But the venue makes the most money, FP takes our cut, and the celebration planner saves because of our volume and negotiating power. Everybody benefits.