58% of Americans Have Less Than $1000 in Savings

Simple Plan stores what you want done with your body and for your memorial. Simple Will captures possessions, dependents, and health information.

But what about money? Someone has to pay for your Funeral/Memorial.

You need a Savings Plan.

Save Money to Pay for Your Funeral & Memorial

We are proud to partner with Ally Bank to offer a Simple Savings which covers the basics:

  • High-Yield: 2.2%
    • Average savings account is .06%
  • Zero Risk
    • It’s a savings account, not a mutual fund, stocks, ETFs or any other volatile product
  • You Own
    • This account is in your name, not the funeral home or cemetery: you alone have access to it

Simple Savings is automatically saved to your Farewell Project Profile, alongside your Simple Plan & Simple Will.

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Don’t be an unnecessary burden on your family & friends: Save Now.
Take 5 Minutes and Create a Simple Savings.
You’re the hero of your life. Be the hero of your death.